Soiling in the house

Each puppy owner knows what an odorous pile of poo in the middle of the carpet, or a puddle of urine on the kitchen floor is like. This is normal for young puppies. The dog learns what he is allowed and what he is not, where the limits are, where his playing area is, where his dining room is and where his toilet is. Small dogs are not able to control their physiology by themselves and rapidly excrete everything they drink or eat. This problem gets worse when the dog is soiling the house despite your attempts to stop it. It’s even worse if it’s happening in different places, rooms, etc. A dog grows and excretes more and more. The problem becomes bigger and smellier and also annoying to others.

So how do you teach your dog hygiene?

Watch the dog closely. As soon as he is trying to signal that he wants something, bring him to the place where you want him to do the business e.g. training pad. Remember to praise him at the end.
After each nap and each meal, take your dog outside in order to familiarise him with his new toilet, or if your dog is already toilet trained to let him do his business .
Sometimes it’s necessary to use a cage in which you place your pet’s bed for the night or for some periods during the day (at the beginning start with one, then two or three hours). Then you can be pretty sure that your dog will not soil the cage, he is going to keep the place where he sleeps clean. There are always exceptions to every rule – especially when the dog was neglected by another carer or was too soon, or too late, taken from his mother.
When your dog wakes you up at night, get up and go out with him! When the situation is repeated in the morning, get up without hesitation! Note, however, that during the night getting your dog out needs to be very quick so that it does not develop into a habit.

The puppy should go out:

  • After you’ve finished playing
  • After a moment of excitement
  • After a long rest
  • Always at intervals of 2-3 hours


Thoroughly clean up after your dog. After he has defecated in a certain place he will come back to that place as he will smell his own scent. This is why it is crucial to clean up after your dog.
Praise your dog when the toilet’s done in the right place!

Do not hit your dog for soiling in the house!
Do not put your dog’s mouth in the faeces!
Do not ignore dog signals!


If your dog is trained and keeps soiling at home, it can be a symptom of bladder disease or trauma. If this situation continues, contact your vet for advice.

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