Puppy destroy items

Destroying objects

Does your dog bite and destroy? Biting is natural for a dog. Especially with a puppy, often when losing milk teeth. So do not panic, most dogs with destructive mania will grow up, but it is worth working on it, to prevent damage on a large scale.

Solving the problem:

Buy your dog some toys to chew on and give him a different one every day, making sure it is one that has always been attractive and interesting for the dog. I would recommend any type of ball, a toy “sausage” (not too small, so as not to swallow) made from a strong rubber, different shapes of toys that massage and clean teeth and gums. Avoid toys made of latex, your dog will destroy them quite quickly and there is a risk of eating small pieces, especially the squeaky whistles.
Buy some wooden and burlap toys that can be safely destroyed.
Also play with various items such as a cardboard box, plastic water bottle, etc. Always supervise play and clean up the remains.

Do not let your dog get bored! Pets which do a lot of exercise are so fatigued that they do not want to destroy anything in the house. While out walking let him bite branches and run a few miles, so all he will want once he’s back home is to eat, drink and sleep.
It is also advisable to remove valuables from your dog’s sight.

Do not give a puppy old shoes or old children’s toys to chew. He is not able to distinguish old from new!
Do not hit your dog when you get home and see some damage, he does not know what he is castigated for and he may begin to associate beatings with your return home.

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