Dog in the car

When you bring your pup home for the first time, get it comfortable with riding in the car.

At first, take slow rides across even and straight roads, making sure that the pup has had nothing to eat or drink at least 3 hours prior the ride. Before you start the engine you should calmly sit in the car for about 5 minutes. The first ride should not be longer than several minutes. Each ride should be finished off with some play time for the pup. Gradually increase the ride time, if the dog is able to drive for longer than 30km without drooling or vomiting, then our goal has been achieved. The time for this goal to be achieved varies – it depends on the owner; you definitely should not comfort the pup whilst driving nor give it any calming drugs. The dog should be praised before and after entering the car. For safety reasons the dog should be in a cage or in a separate compartment or separated by a dog guard from the back seats. This is important because if the driver violently brakes, the dog will fly out the front window, possibly harming passengers and itself. The dog should not be allowed to bark whilst in the car – during training, bring a passenger who must either cover the dog’s mouth with their hand or shake something noisy (like a can full of coins) to teach it not to bark.

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