Dog barking

Loud barking

As your puppy grows and gets more confident it can also get louder. Sometimes it will bark at the slightest reason. Remember though, barking is a natural reaction. A problem arises when the owner does not know how to control the noise, which runs the risk of claims and loss of good relations with neighbours. Most frequently, this problem concerns half-year and some older puppies.

What to do, how to prevent barking

Whenever your dog begins to bark unnecessarily, perhaps in response to some sounds from its environment, you should immediately stop this with the command “Silence”. When it stops for a moment give a reward.
When certain circumstances occur – a provocation for example – distract the dog and take it to do something else.
Sometimes barking is caused by anxiety or nervous reaction, resulting from poor socialisation of the dog. Work on the stress free, sustainable pet behaviour in a different environment and different circumstances. When there is a calm reaction from your dog, the correct response is to give praise. Always give a reward for positive behaviour. When your dog is afraid of something e.g. shadows, unknown objects etc. create a calm atmosphere.
Sometimes your dog might be barking out of boredom, so find different ways to distract him. Play with him as much as possible, take him for a walk, let your dog discharge excess energy.
If a dog barks in your absence, try slowly getting him used to a new situation. Leave him alone for a few minutes, then a bit longer… and finally to one, or a couple of hours (do not make any “goodbye” to the dog when you leave!).

Do not use any sort of violence against dog.
Do not tease or encourage aggressive behaviour.
If defence training is necessary provide it under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

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